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a moderate to large program, initiative, or remediative effort that substantially elevates business outcomes.

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Rethink your strategy to effectively optimize your systems and resources. JS Miller Consulting's professional expertise seeks to deliver results with personalized strategies adjusted to each and every unique business need. 

In the growing business world and increasing complexities, just one misstep can drastically decrease optimal performance. The strategic approach that JS Miller Consulting takes in all projects will ensure thorough planning and implementation. With tried-and-true strategies, many clients have experienced wonderful success and results from this strategy-driven approach.


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From planning to designing to constructing and building, architecture contains many areas that can either become a blocker or success for your long-term functionality. Optimization of the architectural process provides many immediate and lasting benefits for a variety of projects, systems, and applications.

With years of enterprise architecture experience and a wide array of trusted vendor resources, JS Miller Consulting delivers architectural optimization for businesses and projects of any size. Discover the potential and the optimization opportunities that your business needs. 


Requiring much direction and leadership, executing changes and tasks is no easy task, whether the project is large or small. Although planning ahead helps, optimizing your efforts can free up valuable time and resources for any additional needs. 

Whatever the goal, vision, or project, optimization is a key element to maintaining a healthy long-term execution of various business changes. JS Miller Consulting can direct and lead you every step of the way, giving you the confidence and abilities you need to maximize time and business's resources.


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Digital transformation is the adoption and integration of today's fast-growing digital technology into all facets of a business, including customer, culture, and organizational processes. Strategically transform your business to function with technology that will enhance your organization and deliver real results.


It is important to remain competitive while maintaining functionality and consistency within your business. Explore more about the crucial value digital transformation can deliver to organizations and see what solutions best fit your needs.   

 Business transformation seeks to realign and rethink how business processes, people, and systems function within an organization. It is an all-encompassing shift that seeks to create additional value by changing the status quo of a business into a process or culture that harnesses a clear vision of long-term success and improvement.


Acting as a process of change management, business transformation changes your approach while managing and identifying the many different factors at play. Discover more about business transformation and how it can positively 

change your approach.


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 Technology transformation, often related to and caused by digital transformation, is how a business makes changes to their IT systems and services. The digital and technological tools used by organizations today are rapidly evolving and improving, and businesses need to stay current and compatible with new technologies.


With a vast array of possibilities and a quickly-changing environment, your business can adopt technology transformation in a way that provides abilities that did not exist before. Uncover technology transformation and see what value it can bring to your organization in the future.  

 JS Miller Consulting provides a source for trusted and proven vendors and partners that deliver a variety of services and functions with experience, heart, and initiative. Through JS Miller Consulting's premium sourcing services, you will be able to quickly and precisely acquire premium talent with proven business acumen and a track record of success. Discover the possibilities and find a match that will appropriately fit your goals and needs. 


 2023 JSMC Proven Vendor List  (PVL)

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  • trusted partners

  • 100+ years of experience

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A few of our trusted vendors:


Barbara Trautlein, PhD
Founder, Principal of Change Catalysts

  • 2015 Change Management Consultant of the Year

  • 25+ years of experience


Ben Simonton, MSCIS
Founder, Simonton Associates

  • Retired Capt USN after 26 years of service

  • 30+ years of experience


Matt Faye, BAA
Founder of Gravitation Design

  • Creative Director of

       Gravitation Design

  • 28+ years of experience

JSMC Proven Vendors

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Juan O.

CEO, TSO Mobile

Jonathan is a true expert in his field. We were able to reach our goal in a fraction of the time & cost thanks to his great guidance. I highly recommend Jonathan.

Jonathan is an IT swiss army knife with a rare combination of management, business operations, architecture and hands on technical skills.

Patrick B.

CEO, Motocol

Steve M.

CEO, Recovery Partners Inc.

Jonathan does great work and excels at designing solutions which are truly unique. Jonathan was a huge asset to our team.



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