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Jonathan is a true expert in his field. We were able to reach our goal in a fraction of the time & cost thanks to his great guidance. I highly recommend Jonathan.

Juan O., CEO, TSO Mobile™

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Jonathan was brought in to design and develop our enterprise solutions architecture on a major digital health platform. Jonathan's ability to deep dive into the business, customer, and engineering areas exhibited a great depth to his skill-set. Jonathan was able to provide a business architecture solution that is allowing us to move forward, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in development that we would have incurred otherwise through building the wrong project.


Jonathan's expertise and process was extremely thorough and eye-opening. Jonathan is full of integrity, has a great work-ethic, and is enjoyable to be around. He has a dedication to the job that is seldom seen in a consultant. He took his own personal time to read books on the relevant subject matters, to come up with very powerful ideas that we incorporated into our plans, and to present them well. We found Jonathan to be a fantastic addition to our team and we hope to be able to continue to use him in future stages of our project.

Alex K., CTO, Recovery Partners

Recovery Partners - Alex K.

I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan multiple times throughout the past few years. He is a consummate professional and highly skilled consultant. He is able to work seamlessly both in a technical/architectural capacity and/or a interfacing/analyzing with various business users and stakeholders. I highly recommend Jonathan and enjoyed working with him!

Matt J., Professional Recruiter, TekSystems

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Jonathan is an IT swiss army knife with a rare combination of management, business operations, architecture and hands on technical skills. It’s hard to find one person that can move effortlessly between the board room and developer trenches. Talented, organized leaders who are highly effective at planning, stakeholder communication and developer team management are difficult to find. Even harder to find are highly technical architects who spent so much time hands on in the trenches that they can see all of the technical impacts, bottlenecks and risks of each architectural decision they make and understand the implications to performance, complexity, timeframes, security and ongoing operations years into the future. Jonathan is both.

Patrick B., CEO, Motocol

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Choosing Jonathan to design our integration architecture was one of the best decisions we've made for our product launch. Jonathan combines expert technical knowledge with business acumen to craft solutions which work for both environments. It's refreshing to work with a consultant that has unquestioned integrity and is driven by our success.

Jeff H., CEO, OptiStok

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Jonathan does great work and excels at designing solutions which are truly unique. Jonathan was a huge asset to our team.

Steve M., CEO, Recovery Partners

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