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Discover the top-1% of vendors in JS Miller Consulting's 2021 Proven Vendor List (PVL). This premium document reveals 11 hand-selected vendors obtained through years of project experience. Each vendor contains an exceptional track record of success. This valuable 2021 Proven Vendor List (PVL) contains:

  • 4 Management Advisors
  • 3 Solutioning Specialists
  • 4 Training Organizations

In a world full of professionals, it can be difficult to select and trust the right people and organizations. You will save hours of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars when you receive expert referrals for proven performers.


The 2021 Proven Vendor List (PVL) is an investment that will allow you to see the trusted vendors that JS Miller Consulting has worked with for years to deliver a 90%+ success rate. With over 100 years of technology experience, the wealth of knowledge and expertise offered by JSMC's proven vendors is invaluable. 


BONUS OFFER: All purchases of the 2021 PVL before December 31, 2024, come with a 1-month FREE trial of JSMC's QuickStart membership ($1,400 value) to help you get off to a good start when working with JSMC's vendors. 


Purchase your copy of the 2021 Proven Vendor List (PVL) today to

Discover the Top-1%!

2021 Proven Vendor List (PVL)

  • Our Proven Vendor List (PVL) is sold and released as a product annually and updated throughout the year. Your purchase includes access to all of the updated PVL versions.

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