a moderate to large program, project, or remediative effort that dramatically elevates business outcomes.

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 CAPstone Strategy™ 

The process of planning, testing, and executing a system is a Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). JS Miller Consulting can help guarantee success in your transformation efforts. 


Systems Integration 2.0
via  CAPstone Strategy™ 

Your Systems Integration transformation can be successful and deliver the promised results with JS Miller Consulting's services. Discover the potential and get started with your transformation.

Digital Work

Business Process Automation (BPA) 2.0
via  CAPstone Strategy™ 

Automation is a practical and increasingly important function within the business world, for many different areas. Your Business Process Automation (BPA) transformation can be a success with JS Miller Consulting to lead you along the way.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 2.0
via  CAPstone Strategy™ 

Having digital workers in your business can save many resources, time, and efforts. Robotic Process Automation (RBA) can be performed through JS Miller Consulting's transformation services, ensuring your business's success.

Business Meeting

Business Activity Management (BAM) 2.0
via  CAPstone Strategy™ 

Managing all the difference areas and functions of your business can easily become complicated by a lack of proper structure and implementation. JS Miller Consulting can ensure readiness and success in delivering Business Activity Management (BAM) transformation, giving you greater efficiency and results.


Application Development 2.0
via  CAPstone Strategy™ 

Developing applications requires a big-picture understand and technical knowledge, to ensure lasting functionality and minimal problems. JS Miller Consulting helps deliver success and teach foundational knowledge in your application development.

App Screens
Working in Front of Multiple Screens

Application Programming Interface (API) 2.0
via  CAPstone Strategy™ 

An Application Programming Interface (API), or connections between computer programs and systems, is an important communication process you want to ensure functions correctly. JS Miller Consulting can help with transforming your API and ensuring success.

Database 2.o
 CAPstone Strategy™ 

Databases are the electronic crux of information and the essence of a business or organization. JS Miller Consulting helps lead secure and lasting Database transformation for businesses of any size, anywhere. 

Abstract Structure

Infrastructure & Networking 2.0
via  CAPstone Strategy™ 

The principles behind networking framework apply practically and realistically to many different areas. Work with JS Miller Consulting to understand Infrastructure & Networking more deeply, to transform your approach and understanding.


Business Continuity (BC) 2.0
via  CAPstone Strategy™ 

Even more than planning for the worst, Business Continuity (BC) can be the difference between life or death of your business or organization. JS Miller Consulting delivers years of experience to help lead BC transformation and anticipate your future needs.

Business Brainstorm

Disaster Recovery (DR) 2.0
via  CAPstone Strategy™ 

Disaster Recovery (DR) should be an important and carefully-thought out process within any business. JS Miller Consulting can help you identify all the risks, factors, and important things to consider when either creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for your business or recovering from one.


Cybersecurity & Cyberresiliency 2.0
via  CAPstone Strategy™ 

More important than ever before, cybersecurity is essential and one of the most protective things you can do for your business and online systems. JS Miller Consulting offers years of expertise to ensure safe and thorough cybersecurity in all areas.


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A few of our trusted vendors:


Barbara Trautlein, PhD
Founder, Principal of Change Catalysts

  • 2015 Change Management Consultant of the Year

  • 25+ years of experience


Ben Simonton, MSCIS
Founder, Simonton Associates

  • Retired Capt USN after 

       26 years of service

  • 30+ years of experience


Matt Faye, BAA
Founder of Gravitation Design

  • Creative Director of

       Gravitation Design

  • 28+ years of experience



Juan O.

CEO, TSO Mobile

Jonathan is a true expert in his field. We were able to reach our goal in a fraction of the time & cost thanks to his great guidance. I highly recommend Jonathan.

Jonathan is an IT swiss army knife with a rare combination of management, business operations, architecture and hands on technical skills.

Patrick B.

CEO, Motocol

Steve M.

CEO, Recovery Partners Inc.

Jonathan does great work and excels at designing solutions which are truly unique. Jonathan was a huge asset to our team.



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