GOLDPAPERS contain both insights and actionable content written with the specific goal to help business executives generate 10x ROI within 3-5 year period after implementation of IT 2.0 Transformation™ for large organizations.


Topics were chosen based upon frequently recurring anti-patterns observed during client engagements that contribute to project failure and often cost companies more than $1M in losses each year.


Content is time-tested and based on over 25-Years of IT experience and over a decade of fine-tuning IT 2.0 Consulting® methods to mitigate IT project failure.


SmartShoring GOLDPAPER

Offshoring strategic project work is NOT your best option and frankly it just doesn't work.  Fortunately, there is a better alternative to control IT labor costs called SmartShoring.  This GOLDPAPER provides a SIMPLE AND SMART method for reducing your IT labor costs - as a matter of fact it is so simple you will ask yourself why you didn't think of it.  However, this paper does provide one option for where offshoring does work well - but its probably not where you are thinking.

Strategic Project Shaping (SPS) GOLDPAPER

In a way similar to a math student who makes a mistake in the initial step of solving a math problem so that he has no chance of success even if all subsequent steps are completed correctly, technology projects also fail due to mistakes made during project start-up and initiation that cannot be corrected after the fact without restarting the project.  Strategic Project Shaping occurs before project start-up and focuses on the establishment of requisite executive communication support channels, active executive level sponsorship, executive coaching, customer involvement, and how to properly establish a project's core team.


Statement Oriented Biz Analysis GOLDPAPER


Take an idea from concept to architecture in a way that identifies and locks-in 80% of the long-term business value for a future-proof solution.  The Statement Oriented Business Analysis (SOBA) process is specifically designed to connect technology architecture to a company's financial statements to ensure that a profitable solution is implemented.

Lateral Architectural Simplicity GOLDPAPER


Every business problem can be solved with multiple solutions of varying complexity. The trick is to identify the simplest possible solution that satisfies the business drivers via lateral architectural design. Most modern SDLC processes don't allow for lateral design and nearly guarantees a solution resembling a Rube Goldberg contraption.  Lateral Architectural Simplicity occurs after project start-up and focuses on enabling lateral designs that reduce complexity, maximize simplicity, and optimize time-to-value (TTV), time-to-market (TTM), and financial ROI using Simplfied QFD architectural analysis and NPV/IRR financial analysis.


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