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ROI is here.

With JSMC's Proven Vendor List (PVL), pay now to discover the 1% and save thousands of dollars later. The return on investment you'll receive is priceless.


Discover the NEW 2023 Proven Vendor List (PVL)!

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 2023 JSMC Proven Vendor List 

 Discover the 1%  in JSMC's exclusive list of trusted vendors

  • Track record of success

  • real project results

  • Hand-selected partners

  • trusted professionals

  • 100+ YRS of experience

  • Proven value & ROI 

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A few of our trusted vendors:


Barbara Trautlein, PhD
Founder, Principal of Change Catalysts

  • 2015 Change Management Consultant of the Year

  • 25+ years of experience


Ben Simonton, MSCIS
Founder, Simonton Associates

  • Retired Capt USN after 

       26 years of service

  • 30+ years of experience


Matt Faye, BAA
Founder of Gravitation Design

  • Creative Director of

       Gravitation Design

  • 28+ years of experience

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